Latest News

Latest News

We have maintained a respectful silence during what has been an extremely difficult period for most people on both a personal and business perspective.

KNW is fully back to as near normal as we are likely to see over the next few months.

I must pay tribute to everyone involved in the transition of the business over the past 6 months.

First and foremost a big “thank you” to all the KNW team who have all been incredible. We are all back at work and attempting to meet all our clients needs. Everyone who can return to work is fully back to normal under the current covid advice.

We have had tremendous support from all our clients who have battled through their own issues to restart training as soon as they were able.

We have received some great assistance from the government, and from all our professional advisors.

Finally, I must mention the great help, communication and assistance provided by all the instructors assessors and product specialists who provide the service that allows KNW to grow and develop even in the most difficult of times

Let’s hope that we all enjoy a great future moving together in a way that is both positive and creative and safe