Every Step Counts


Every Step Counts
KNW join the One Million Step Challenge


Avid members of the KNW Team have recently joined thousands of others across the UK, with the goal of completing over one million steps in three months to support people living with diabetes.

On the 1st of July, Diabetes UK launched the sponsored One Million Step Challenge. Those taking part are aiming to achieve an average of just over 10,000 steps a day, to reach the one million step goal. The challenge is open to all, and the steps are taken entirely at the participant’s pace. Run, walk, stroll, dance – every step counts.

One in ten over 40s now has Type 2 diabetes, and the number of people living with diabetes in all its forms in the UK has reached 4.7 million. The number of people affected by diabetes is expected to reach 5.5 million by 2030. Many cases of Type 2 diabetes could be prevented or delayed by healthy eating, being more active, and losing weight if overweight. Diabetes UK makes a huge difference to everyday lives through their fundraising efforts and exciting challenges.

Those joining the challenge are not only raising funds to help fight diabetes though, the regular steps can also lead to a dramatic improvement in both mental and physical health.

The KNW team has made an excellent start, collectively accumulating some 152,000 steps in the first day alone!

Check out the KNW Team page here to follow their progress or help reach the fundraising goal!