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Christmas News from KNW

In the run up to Christmas, several of KNW's team members were delighted to have the opportunity to visit Chopsticks, a local charity actively supporting adults with disabilities, giving them opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to find in a workplace.

With an ever-growing eco-awareness, we decided to be a little more savvy with sending out Christmas cards this year. The money we saved on cards and postage was happily given in the form of a donation to this Northallerton based charity.

Charity organisers Phil and Tracey spent over an hour showing KNW’s Katie, Julie and Samantha round, and introducing them to (and having hugs from) several members of the Chopsticks team!

On reflection, our colleagues all found the experience really humbling...

"they are such a great charity, providing opportunities and training to adults with learning disabilities or mental health issues who in other circumstances wouldn't get the chance to work. They had a yoga room, a relaxation room and a painting room as well as the main workshop where the work is done. They also have occupational therapists come in, so it is so much more than just a job." - Samantha

Chopsticks Charity - What do they do?
Chopsticks does exactly as it says in the name. They chop sticks!

In 1995 a group of resourceful individuals with learning disabilities began chopping firewood from scrap timber under the name ‘Chopsticks’. The main activity at the charity is the production of premium grade kindling with biomass woodchip fuel made from timber which would have otherwise been sent to landfill. Team members chop, sort and pack timber, to be sold out into the community. The organisation also provides a garden maintenance service and create a range of timber products such as planters, kindling boxes, and various other timber based projects.

Alongside the training and support offered onsite, Chopsticks also run a vital Outreach Scheme, assisting anyone with a disability or older members of the community in need of support, to maintain independence and a quality lifestyle.

How can you help?

Chopsticks have the support of a number of local timber businesses but would greatly appreciate any further donations of untreated wood or offcuts. In return Chopsticks are essentially helping you reduce waste transfer and landfill costs, making you greener whilst showing your support to a charity.

Volunteers are always welcome. They are given the opportunity to gain work experience in areas such as the kindling production workshop, assisting ChopShed with the creation of garden items, doing Garden Maintenance, helping out with Crafts Classes, or fundraising.

Funding - The Development Appeal
Any donation that you make goes into the development appeal fund which helps contribute to things such as new equipment, improved facilities and new opportunities for member. The current target is set at £5000. You can make a donation here>>

KNW Training are very much looking forward to offering our continued support to this local charity, throughout the coming year.